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A little about me...

So who am I? Honestly, does anyone really know the answer to that?

What’s my key milestones? I was born in Lismore, grew up in the Gold Coast and moved to Melbourne to start university and be closer to family (3 state tri-factor!). Since moving to Melbourne i’ve learnt a few things- that no I don't need to be tanned and a size 6 to be attractive, that the weatherzone app is incredibly helpful and that “taking life by the horns” is actually a pretty achievable thing to do.

When I moved to Melbourne I found myself surrounded by family (both of my parents are from Melb), friendless (for the most part) and gobsmacked about what I was learning about the music industry. The university (uni) I moved for held a great Bachelor in Entertainment Management degree that boasted teachers within the industry and great internships, but also, that I could do it within two years. Let’s just say, when people ask me how I found completing a Bachelor within two years I now usually say,

“I lost a part of my soul, but it was great to get it done and get straight into using it.”

I was 19 when finished my bachelor (gosh, I can barely believe it!) and went straight into using my inherited blood gift of entrepreneurialism. I was already running an artist management business within the first 6 months of my bachelor degree, working with my first female fronted pop punk band. By the time I left uni, I had stopped working with my first band and was onto another, all HUGE learning lessons while I was finishing uni.

Then, a few months after uni and me going,

“well damn, now what should I do, I sorta need money and making 20% off a band making nothing isn’t gonna pay the bills”

I started a Music and Drama School for kids (Star Performers) as well as nannying for steady income. To Star Performers has been a challenge is a massive understatement but now, 2 years out from graduating from my degree I can safely say I have one successful business, one business struggling to make an impact and one fledgling baby business ready for growth.

I take everything at the moment as a lesson. I'm crazy busy with nannying and growing my business’, my personal life is everywhere but currently social, my personal health is sometimes questionable and as always, my family remain the steady constant in my life. Let’s see where life takes me while I - organise time to do my own stuff.


*Disclaimer: This blog post is the representation of one person’s views, experiences and coping methods. The words and representation of individuals, groups, communities or organisations is not the sole writers view. All content is intended to never cause personal or communal harm or damage.*

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