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A passion or a full-time job?

Managing a full-time job and having a personal life is hard for everyone. But when you split that time by 9 different business and personal priorities things get a little difficult. Sometimes for me, defining the amount of work I do in the week is hard! No two weeks are the same and no two days are honestly ever the same- which has its perks and its downfalls.

Usually, the average employee working full time would do a 38 hour week, 5 days a week with scheduled hours/days. With this schedule, it is very easy to tell how many hours of work you have done, when you need to take a break (weekends I assume) and where things like hobbies and social activities fit in to ensure that you have a balanced life.

I’ve never been one for frameworks and “working for the man” but have never really monitored my hours.

It wasn't until I kept getting to a few Wednesday afternoons, completely exhausted on the couch, getting frustrated and feeling guilty that I was too exhausted to get up from the couch to work, that I actually looked into my hours. Now I have a whole lot to share about working guilt and self-imposed stress that I will have to share in another article, but let’s just say, it definitely isn't healthy!

After assessing myself, I realised that every week I was doing- 28 hours with my nanny work, 6 hours min dedicated time to management, plus an average of another accumulated 3 hours a week being available 24/7 on Facebook answering client/band messages, another 6 hours of band work on gig weekends (per night) and another 4 hours on the music and drama school or other projects during the week! That math comes up with 47 hours! Now that’s not including extra evening nanny work I pick up, favours I do for friends and being a social person, seeing friends and family.

Honestly, when I realised this I wondered how I ever had time for a relationship!

While I make these choices to do this much work it definitely doesn't come without difficulties and I'm not just talking about the guilt! It comes with sleep pattern issues, obviously! Struggles with productivity and a drive to keep going. I have also really struggled with exhaustion and sickness, keeping that at bay during busy periods. Currently, right now, the biggest difficulty affecting me if the financial struggle it causes. Because doing a 47 hour work week on a 28-hour income is hard. Doing business and my schedule the way that I do, means that the financial struggle is real- something that again deserves its own article!

But most of the time the negatives/ difficulties are outweighed by the positives. I get to work on my passions, do what I LOVE and do it the way I want to WHEN I want to- something I am truly blessed to have. I also have a bill-paying job that I love and gives me flexibility (yes I answer emails during nap time).

Above all, the best part is that I always know I am working towards my future and who I want to be, not in a job that is not getting me anywhere mentally, emotionally and physically.

I see everything in life as a lesson and coming to the realisation of how much work I actually do has taught me that I always need to keep the big picture in mind, always ensure I am checking my expectations and that I talk with others about the way I am doing things. I talk to others make sure to get some form of reality and how everyone is doing things but also a bit of a pep talk from friends doesn't hurt also!

Until next time,

*Disclaimer: This blog post is the representation of one person’s views, experiences and coping methods. The words and representation of individuals, groups, communities or organisations is not the sole writer's view. All content is intended to never cause personal or communal harm or damage.*

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