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Adaptive Creativity

Creativity is found everywhere. I’ve slowly been learning about creativity and also my ability to be creative within different environments. Building this space and sharing my stories/views/ lessons had been my focus from the start of this year.

Unfortunately and also, fortunately, I’ve had to adapt the vision I first thought of this platform and it’s the pace of growth due to what I could BOTH physically and mentally achieve- trust me, I’ve tried doing them separately, it doesn’t work.

We all know this year has thrown some curve balls so far, from monumental life shifts triggered by the coronavirus to the strong social movement of black lives matter. I’ve also experienced the diversity of an adapting music industry, becoming a home school nanny for a period of time, working with new clients, developing a course for musicians, trying to maintain connections to friends socially distanced and learning to love my adaptive self for who I am.

Basically this year so far has been the ups and downs of adapting to survive, but also so much about learning, developing and creating.

When the year first kicked off I had an interesting creative balance. I had nanny work (to pay the bills), my bands/musicians and business, my family, my friends and then the part of me who was learning to be single and to nurture myself again. Which, full disclosure, has definitely not come completely naturally to me.

I have noticed throughout all this change that I’ve seen myself not focusing on this platform and not having the creative inspiration to do so. This had me kicking myself, figuratively speaking! I naturally expect a lot of myself ALL THE TIME so when my creativity and motivation to write/share stopped, I got frustrated and pissed at myself to be completely honest. I would say to myself, “why the hell didn’t you just sit down and focus on writing Jaz! You know what you want to say!” And then I’d get distracted or move on because I usually had that thought on the way home in the car of all places.

Recently, however, I’ve been having the same voice about the course I’m developing/ procrastinating on for my business (JYMG). To say I figurately met myself in the mirror was an understatement. I think I might have actually sworn at myself! The epiphany was not that I had done the same thing twice and was beating myself up over it; it was that my creativity slowed down again and that was actually because my creativity was directed somewhere else. With the blog/ platform the creativity was directed to the course and for the course, the creativity was directed to my clients who are all creating amazingly branded and cohesive releases.

So the “ah huh!” moment was me discovering that I can only be immersed in one particular in-depth creative project at a time and that is both my strength and my weakness.

Now I’ve just got to figure out how I can either learn to work with multiple projects at a time and take over the world, or be more practical with myself and learn to block out creative time for myself as well as my clients. Let’s see what happens!

Be creative, be passionate-

Disclaimer: This blog post is the representation of one person’s views, experiences and the way I currently know to express them. The words and representation of individuals, groups, communities or organisations is not the sole view of the writer. All content is intended to never cause personal or communal harm or damage.

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