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IWD 2020: A woman in a man’s world

Growing up, I was inspired and empowered by women around me. My mother was (still is) an entrepreneur while holding down a part time job, my godmother was my childcare teacher turned tafe co-ordinator, my singing teacher’s where both busy teachers but also performers in their own right. I was surrounded by drive, passion and stress too (let's be honest) and still to this day I find myself surrounded by similar powerful women.

One a mother of 3 children, an entrepreneur, a primary school & a yoga teacher, another a social media manager, musician and powerhouse entrepreneur with online course, consulting, podcast and more! Then also, to spice it up even further, i know several ladies doing so many kick ass things and learning so many amazing life lessons through their careers and personal lives.

I’ve only ever known that women have so many opportunities, can build whatever they dream of and thrive off being empowered by others. Despite that, I have been posed the question the last few years about whether I think I am treated fairly in the music industry based on being a female. This conversation is not new, nor very positive at times. I even found it was brought up in depth in a women in music networking event the other week and was beyond shocked at some of the tales some women had. From my experience however, I see through a very different perspective. Frankly, yes, I do feel I have the odd story here and there that, considered in a certain way, could be seen as sexist, demeaning and rude. But also, my reality is built around my experiences that are 99% in no way pinned back to being treated differently in the music industry due to being a female. I feel this way because I genuinely don’t have exposure to many of those experiences, but also,

because I’ve made a conscious choice.

I’ve made the choice to not see every situation with sex based perspectives, with hate, with doubt, with distrust. I choose to work with people who respect me, empower me and inspire me. I choose to educate myself, to build my understanding of the music industry and to build my strength in my skills. I chose to find a solution to those who have had bad experiences (I definitely cannot deny the situation completely). I chose to empower and support those looking to find their confidence and their voices. Above all, I chose to empower, support and back myself.

Because I am worthy. I am knowledgeable. I am powerful and impactful. I am supportive, driven, stubborn and strong.

When I first shared that I was starting this blog, a friend of mine reached out saying, “I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been through, I bet you’ve been underestimated a lot as a female.” At first it made me think if I had. Now, I see it as me being underestimated as a HUMAN if someone has a problem with me. Now THAT I have an issue with! Bring that on!

Stay Golden,

Disclaimer: This blog post is the representation of one person’s views, experiences and coping methods. The words and representation of individuals, groups, communities or organisations is not the sole writers view. All content is intended to never cause personal or communal harm or damage.

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