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Time Management is Key

A lesson I learn every day when running a business and let's be real, my life, is time management.

Every day I aim at nailing my time management in the best way that works for me right now. I currently work 36 hours a week as a nanny, 20 hours a week on my business and the rest trying to find a good life balance with all of that work. This is my COVID schedule but managing the business relationships of over 20 people weekly requires your head on straight, stress levels checked and the best time management I can muster to all work well at the same time.

Yeah, so easy! Trust me, time management is a skill that you can never master and that's just simply because of life. I’ve had perfectly seamless and productively planned days turn to what feels like useless over something as simple as low energy or sometimes even a good book. But each day I try at it again because managing my time has led me to feel organised and also like i'm always progressing in life. It also helps me with what I've identified as my biggest personal flaws like valuing my time and money.

I’ve been using time management to keep me directed for years and honestly get so shocked that people don’t use it in their every day. I’ve had clients sit there and say, “I couldn't get that done because I had too many uni assignments” or “I can't see how I can fit it in,” time and time again. Now don’t get me wrong, there are more than a few instances where yes there isn't enough time but what I come back to always is, if it’s something you REALLY want to do, MAKE time! If you’ve committed to doing the visuals for your band’s social media then schedule time in during your week which is dedicated to that!

I use that strategy a lot! I have “scheduled” times to do certain things I KNOW I am horrible at remembering to do. This is everything from exercising (2 PT sessions weekly because I have to be accountable to someone to do it) to catching up on work on Sunday evenings before everyone’s back to their inboxes to posting on social media- although that’s a bit of a cheat, I schedule everything now.

Regardless of the way I work with my weakness’ and my weekly schedule every second has to count. Building an “empire” or at least a growing business requires me to value my time and to keep on top of my time management to reach my goals. Age, money and accepting the norm can't stand in my way. I plan to not only travel, grow my business and work with big international acts but also to teach others how to own their own business, build their careers, push boundaries and create a better world. With time management let’s see how I go.

Until next time- get it? ;)

Disclaimer: This blog post is the representation of one person’s views, experiences and the way I currently know to express them. The words and representation of individuals, groups, communities or organisations is not the sole view of the writer. All content is intended to never cause personal or communal harm or damage.

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