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What one photoshoot taught me

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

I have a perfectionist habit, so how better to start off building an online presence than to work with a personal brand stylist and photographer to define my look for me. These two experiences taught me so much so far like:

  1. Who do I want to portray on social media- does every exercise session and every drink out matter to my audience?

  2. There is a confidence and power in having your picture taken, owning the person staring back.

  3. Make the most out of your photoshoot and plan 5 outfits!

  4. Work with someone who will direct you on how to stand, but also take your thoughts on board

  5. A little bit of accessory here and there makes an outfit

  6. Gold is my jewellery type- yes I know, how expensive of me

  7. Owning your bodies fluctuation in weight is powerful and necessary for your mental health

  8. It’s important to have an A Game and a B Game look

  9. Get rid of those clothes that don’t fit your body type, EVEN if you love it!

  10. Selectively buying designer brands for your wardrobe is actually an investment, not a waste of a lot of money.

All of this was and more was a real revelation for me. Real talk, however, I’ve struggled with my body image for most of my life (like most girls/women) and while I have become kinder on myself, I still have days where I'm crying in the bathroom or wearing bigger than necessary clothes because of how tough my brain is on my body. The experience of seeking personal styling help and actually getting photos done were no different. I had to really, really look at the person staring back at me in the mirror and in the photos for the first time. My first thoughts were automatically defensive, “I have thick thighs in that one, let's not use that”, “I want to edit that photo, my clothes aren't sitting right.” It honestly took a lot out of me to say no and to find acceptance in those moments.

Keah from Style, Body, Image and Molly from Molly Ruth Harris Photography helped me by talking real with me about my body and also where to find my power! That’s why I now say thank you to Keah and Molly for

empowering me and helping me to grow into the confidence and power I now possess! Which by the way, changes for the good and the bad every day!

If you are interested in personal brand styling or general body and image styling I recommend Keah at Style, Mind, Body, she has got you covered! If you're a Melbournian like me and want your photos (or even a band’s photos, like me also) taken, talk with Molly Ruth Harris Photography. Not only will you get great photos but probably a good laugh too!

Stay driven,

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